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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Gabriella Cortese, founder & creative director of Antik Batik

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Interview with gabriella cortese (antik batik)why is the best yet to come?everything we do on this earth is short-lived, so we must have fun and be happy every day. the real carpe diem.how do we reinvent ourselves?for me, reinventing myself is drawing a line, thinking that the past is the past and rebuilding from zero. a word to define the fashion of tomorrow?slow fashion. give time to time and if we adhere to a fashion or a brand, it’s because it has a story that we like, it has something to tell us, it has a message to give. what about a 100% digital fashion?what is important is not digital, it’s fast fashion on digital. it’s above all this way of consuming digitally, but it’s the poetry and story that is transmitted through it. how do you interpret “better – differently – less” in fashion?we want to have something in the cupboard, for example something that lasts. materials that last and are natural and not polluting. we don’t want to go back to the stress of two months ago when we had almost become machines.what is the luxury of tomorrow?the luxury of tomorrow is handmade. what is your next challenge?it’s to keep that calm and idleness that i haven’t had since i was a young girl when i was bored in my room. #thebestisyettocomei would like to finish with the best is yet to come. i made this small drawing with a collage, with a hungarian embroidery book which was my grandmother’s homeland, a poem by allen ginsberg. that’s my little world right now.