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A new home for Henriette H’s sensual embroidered knickers

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Henriette h is the story of a woman and a lover, inspired by the founder sarah stagliano. from creating jewellery, sarah began to design hand embroidered pants in her parisian workshop. we see names, cute words and messages embroidered onto veils of white cotton and french lace.instagram : henrietteh / https://www.henrietteh.com/ boutique - 24 rue du château d'eau - 75010 paris interview with sarah stagliano:i wanted to create both cheeky and simple knickers which are sensual but really sweet and poetic. the lover decides what to embroider on them, they can go as far as they want with the words they choose which actually makes them even more or less cheeky.i really like things that age well and which can be treasured. i am always moved by things that remain fashionable through the different seasons, eras and generations. i wanted to use cotton that makes you wonder whether these knickers came from a car boot sale or a trunk filled with precious antiques, and this is how white came about. i really enjoy everything to do with household linen, and i find that there is a lot of intimacy in white, as it reminds us of bed sheets. and then, once again, they are like a blank page, and i enjoy writing, so the words written on a blank page today, are actually written on a pair of knickers, and then on shirts.you can come here and tell us about yourself. there is a woman who underwent surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she told us about her story and she chose a bra which she felt comfortable in and which allowed her to reconnect with her femininity, and so we were there with her in that moment. a couple celebrating 10 years of marriage also visited. they wanted something cheeky that they thought of together. and so, with our house open to everyone, it just made sense to open a shop.