Elie Saab- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

A rendez-vous on the Amalfi Coast for Elie Saab.The designer managed to translate the light of the seaside as well as the sea bed through dazzling tones, created with colour-blocking or with fading using pointillism, for example with long yellow dresses finishing in red, or others, in white ending with blue-grey. There are many offerings of playsuits and trousers with trains and frills imitating waves. Lace is always worked sublimely and seems to be transformed into 3D especially on the divine black outfits. A very chic ready-to-wear line and one that can make the women even more seductive than before. Interview: Elie Saab: The colours are inspired by the seabed, so that’s why there are blues, greens, corals. Black and white is always in my collections, but this time it really was about lively colours. I feel that it gives a certain modernity to the pieces. I feel that with all these details the woman becomes more fairy like. I don’t like flat things, I like fading, I like a nuance of colour. Even if there are solid colours, I like to have a movement in the fabrics. I think that above all I really wanted to show the seabed, through the idea of ruffles, and the flaps which fall from the skirts. We had a great success with the jumpsuits which we’ve always done, but each seaon it gets bigger and better.Music from the show

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